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6 Ways to Attract and Retain Patients with Better Efficiency

Retain Patients with Better Efficiency Today

Recruiting and retaining clients is a difficult job that’s constantly changing. Stay up to date on your clients needs by using the CheckIns.app management system and these six tips to improve business.

Available for both Apple and Android, CheckIns.app is a custom branded mobile patient check-in app for your center that allows for full customization to increase business efficiency. Schedule a demo and see how we can help retain clients and streamline your patient flow process. 

6 Ways to Attract and Retain Patients with Better Efficiency

  1. Cater to Patients’ Comforts

    Look at the demographics of your clients. What’s the average age of a patient that visits your
    office? What are the needs of these people? If you have many elderly clients, make sure your
    office caters to their needs. Waiting room solutions that can be welcoming can include:

    • Drinking fountain
    • Easily accessible bathroom
    • Comfortable chairs
    • Reading material
    • Space to maneuver around the room

    A younger clientele may be more interested in the atmosphere around them while they wait, such
    as decorations, music, or television. Your office waiting room is generally the first interaction
    your clients have with your business, and thus plays an important role in customer satisfaction.
    Adjusting your office to cater to your clients will aid in client retention, as well as how they view
    your business.

  2. Develop a Dependable Relationship with Patients

    One of the biggest factors in retaining a patient will depend on how you make them feel. If you
    can make them feel like they’re heard and that you’re with them on their journey, they’re more
    likely to come back.

    All personnel in the building, from the receptionist to the doctor, should develop personal and
    authentic rapport with patients. This can be as easy as following up with a call after a recent visit,
    providing a method for leaving feedback to improve the patient check-in experience, or authentic
    conversations throughout the appointment. Would you likely stay with a healthcare provider who
    works to improve your health and makes you feel reassured?

  3. Keep Patients Pleased

    According to the Technical Assistant Research Programs (TARPs), a satisfied patient can
    influence up to four other potential patients in a positive way. Conversely, a dissatisfied patient
    can negatively influence up to 10 other patients or potential clients.

    This all boils down to people and their tendency to share their experiences. A patient with a great
    experience will leave satisfied and may even write a positive online review or verbally tell a
    friend. On the other hand, those who are unsatisfied with patient check-in or the professionalism
    of staff will likely vocalize their experience via a review or social media post. Negative words
    can stick in readers’ minds and become associated with the business. Clearly, clients can cause
    ripple effects for better or worse, so make sure your patients leave your office satisfied and they
    may be part of the recruitment efforts without realizing it.

  4. Leverage Technology

    In today’s world of technology, information can spread to the masses in record time. Social
    media, news, and countless websites have become the interconnected superhighways of

    What does this mean for healthcare businesses? Quicker marketing. Take advantage of online
    technology to do things like:

    • Encourage clients to write online reviews.
    • Maintain an active social media presence and engage with the community.
    • Host contests/giveaways on social media pages with intention of spreading the word
      about your business.
    • Write blog posts that address common health questions or topics that clients find

  5. Streamline Communication for Patients

    A major factor in patient satisfaction doesn’t even take place in the building, but rather on the
    phone or computer before the doctor visit even takes place. With most modern clientele having
    access to technology, there’s a shift in the focus of making appointments. Five years ago,
    customers would call and wish to talk to a welcoming voice of another human, and now patient
    appointment scheduling can often be done online.

    A study by Solution Reach gathered information on what patients want from their healthcare
    providers, and ranking high on the list was the ability to use websites, email, and text messaging
    to communicate with providers in a direct and open fashion. One of the biggest requests from
    patients was for a secure and useful online portal.

    Designed to streamline the appointment making process and create an enjoyable experience for
    any doctor’s office, the CheckIns app management system allows your center to check in a new
    walk-in app user. The patient check-in app will keep track of a user’s place in line and the patient
    can be moved into a room if other patients have not yet arrived. Furthermore, the system
    supports intelligent queueing for patients that have both arrived and not arrived.

  6. Be Personable with Patients

    A business and client are in a professional relationship, and many good counselors will say that
    communication is key to success. While the digital age has helped to streamline many processes,
    a personal connection cannot be substituted. Have personnel available to answer phone lines to
    demonstrate to clients that you’re personally there to meet their needs.


Patient Flow Diagnosed and Delivered

CheckIns.app supports the full patient flow process from the Check In, through Room Management, and the Check Out process while integration with your EMR system. Take a Tour... we would love to show you how it works.